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Hier geht's zur Demo für eine pelzfreie Schweiz / DEMO FOR A FURFREE SWITZERLAND | 2022.

Federal initiative:

«YES to banning the import of fur products produced with animal-cruelty»


Initiative text

Federal popular initiative

«Yes to banning the import of fur products produced with animal cruelty»


The Federal Constitution (¹) is amended as follows:


Article 80, section 2(bis) (²)

2(bis). The import of fur products is prohibited if they are produced in a manner that is cruel to animals.


Article 197, section 15 (³)

15. Temporary amendment on article 80, section 2(2): Banning the import of fur products produced with animal-cruelty.


The Federal Assembly ("Bundesversammlung") shall issue the implementation rule for article 80 section 2(2) no later than two years after its adoption by the people and the cantons. If the implementation rule is not enforced within this period, the Federal Council ("Bundesrat") shall issue the implementation rule in the form of an ordinance and bring them into force on that date. The ordinance shall remain valid until the implementation rule is enacted by the Federal Assembly.


¹ SR 101

² The final numbering of this section shall be determined by the Federal Chancellery after the popular vote; when doing so, the Federal Chancellery shall align the numbering with the other applicable provisions of the Federal Constitution and shall make this adjustment by adding the entire text of the initiative.

³ The final numbering of this temporaray amendment shall be determined by the Federal Chancellery after the vote.



Every year, we see images of animals being skinned alive, abused or beaten to death for their furs. Despite awareness campaigns and promises to improve the conditions in which animals are kept, nothing has changed.

On fur farms, where 85% of all furs are produced, most animals spend their short lives in small wire cages, without the opportunity to move or act out their natural behaviors. These housing conditions are considered so cruel to animals that many European countries have already banned the breeding of fur animals. This also applies to animals that are hunted in their natural environment and killed by firearms or set traps. So-called noose traps are often used for this purpose, also called death traps or killing traps.

These breeding and killing methods clearly violate our animal protection laws and are considered animal cruelty in Switzerland. They are punishable by law. Nevertheless, they are used abroad every year on a hundred million animals just to produce fur.    

In Switzerland, 350 tons of fur are imported annually, which corresponds to the slaughter of about 1.5 million animals. More than half of these furs come from China, where there is regular denunciation of the terrible conditions of keeping and killing of animals, some of which are skinned while still alive.

An import ban on furs and fur products that violate our laws in their production is compatible with Switzerland's international trade obligations. All agreements provide exceptions for measures necessary to protect public morals and the life or health of animals. For example, import bans on seal, dog and cat fur are already implemented. The highest court of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has explicitly recognized that the protection of animals is part of public morality.


Wearing fur products has long served no purpose. The fact that we continue to authorize the import of furs and fur products that are produced with animal cruelty, under the pretext that this is done abroad, is a mockery of animals and a hypocrisy. This must finally be banned. Please sign the initiative for an import ban on fur products produced in a cruel way to animals.

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